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Fully-obscured fire hydrant in the 5000 Blk. of S. Calumet

Tall weeds surround the hydrant.

Obscured fire hydrant in the 5500 Blk. S. Layfayette

Partially-obscured fire hydrant.

Obscured fire hydrant near 5200 S. Prairie

Tall weeds significantly obscure this fire hydrant.

Overflowing dumpster near 52nd & State

Overflowing dumpster, trash on ground and tall vegetation.

Obscured fire hydrant near 5600 S. Layfayette

Fire hydrant obscured by tall weeds.

Bus stop near 6100 S. King Dr.

Near 6100 S. King Dr.

Downed signage and trash near 169 E. 63rd St.

Signage on ground.

Near 53rd & King Dr.

West end of Washington Park.

Alley near 6400 S. King Dr.

An alley near 6400 South King Drive.

Alley near 6400 S. St. Lawrence

The alley.